Spectrum Engineers brings together a group of dedicated engineers and designers who focus their professional efforts on designing high-quality government projects—large and small, new and renovation. The specialists at Spectrum Engineers have designed systems for a large variety of government facility types—from local municipalities to military and federal agencies, including hundreds of state and federal court buildings all across the United States. Whether it is expertise in designing specialized security systems for added safety, to economical HVAC systems that deliver clean, fresh air to occupants, to ultra-reliable power delivery and emergency power generation systems, to implementing new technologies to ensure accurate and timely communication, Spectrum Engineers has the focused talent and experience to produce excellent results.

Government CEE has the Focused Talent and Experience to Produce Excellent Results

Specialized Security Systems
Economical HVAC Systems
Ultra-Reliable Power Delivery
Emergency Power Generation Systems

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) Fares & Fuels
Wyoming National Guard Afton Readiness Center
Administrative Office of the Utah State Courts Second District Juvenile Courthouse
Utah State Fifth District Courthouse
Utah Air National Guard Building 10 C-12 Hangar
Salt Lake City Corporation Streets and Fleets Facility
State of Utah Capitol Restoration
Salt Lake City Public Safety Complex
Cottonwood Heights Municipal Center
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