Mechanical Engineering

Spectrum Engineers provides complete mechanical engineering services, including HVAC, plumbing and sustainable design. Our mechanical engineers understand your energy-efficiency goals and have a consistent record of exceeding expectations.


Electrical Engineering

Spectrum Engineers provides comprehensive electrical engineering services, including reliable power systems, medium voltage distribution and fault-current analysis. When your project calls for robust, practical solutions, we can help.


Plumbing Engineering

Spectrum’s Plumbing Engineers design systems with the “whole building” in mind implementing sustainable systems to conserve the water we use, protect the air we breathe and eliminate waste in a safe manner.


Fire Protection

Our goal is to design fire protection systems that will save buildings and the people in them. Whether your project involves remodeling or new construction, we can help with fire sprinkler, fire alarm, fire suppression and smoke management systems designed to keep what matters most out of harm’s way.


Audio Visual

When it comes to audio visual systems, our aim is to design systems that convey messages and data in ways that are easy to understand through systems that are easy to operate, that are interoperable and integrated with other building systems.


Structured Cabling

Data and voice communications are critical elements in today’s facilities. Whether for a data center, courthouse, office building or other facility, you can trust Spectrum to design structured cabling systems that will support multiple hardware systems and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future.


Acoustical Design

The audible environment is a subtle yet pervasive part of our lives. Its effects range from dangerous to calming. Every structure or space has an acoustical character, which can add to or detract from its perceived value. Engineered acoustical design should be a part of every serious project.


Lighting Design & Control

The harmonious marriage of the art and science of illumination is the essence of our practice. Whether your goals include improving productivity, creating dramatic moods or functional effects, increasing energy efficiency or providing safe egress, our designers obtain extraordinary results.


Security Consulting

Securing facilities and sites and deterring illicit activity to protect people and property are our primary goals. Our electronic security systems designers assist government agencies, mission critical facility owners, healthcare providers, schools and others incorporate various levels of security to most appropriately reduce risk.


Theatre Design

We provide planning and design services for public assembly spaces and live performance venues for opera, symphony, dance, theatre, concerts and electronic media as well as themed entertainment venues and multi-use facilities for conventions, exhibitions, popular attractions and sports.



TBC (Total Building Commissioning) is a sister company of Spectrum Engineers. TBC is dedicated to the success of each project. TBC’s objectives during the commissioning process are on-time and in-budget projects, meeting performance goals, improved coordination, reduced call-backs, energy optimization and having a repeatable quality assurance process to provide measurable value for every stakeholder involved in your projects.

For more information about TBC, visit their website

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