Veterans Affairs Medical Center 15kV Distribution System Upgrade

Veterans Affairs Medical Center 15kV Distribution System Upgrade

Spectrum Engineers initially provided a study to analyze the overall capacity and efficacy of the existing campus-wide radial distribution system then provided a masterplan for feeder routing upgrades from the existing substation to accommodate a redundant dual feeder campus loop system, which replaced the antiquated radial distribution system. Spectrum Engineers designed the upgrades to the 15 kV distribution system from Building B.14 and Building B.42, to accommodate the new 400 ampere underground radial distribution feeder to the New Building B.44 Emergency Distribution Building Complex. The project included six-way duct banks for both 15kV medium voltage distribution systems, and eight-way, 600 Volt duct banks for emergency power distribution systems, including manholes, hand-holes, and complex routing in an existing street loaded with existing utilities.

This master plan, now being implemented, broke the campus into 15 distinct projects, each building on a previous segment, so the entire system will be installed with N+1 redundancy, and maintenance personnel will never have to work around energized 15kV feeders or equipment, and the hospital will never be without a primary power source. Redundancy was generated with a series of redundant sectionalizing switches, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, and advanced remote monitoring and switching schemes. The system also provides for the addition of a redundant co-generation capability to the normal power source, supplemented by the potential of a 3 megawatt solar array photovoltaic generation farm that could potentially save the government millions of dollars in future energy costs.

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