St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

This worship facility is 32,000 square feet with mostly daylighted spaces, which produced challenges for lighting designers.

Spectrum’s lighting designers were asked to achieve four objectives in the illumination of the church:

  • Design systems that support liturgy and services.
  • Capitalize on daylighting while minimizing the differences that worshippers perceive between day and night services–a challenging endeavor in this daylighted facility.
  • Provide systems that support activities other than worship, i.e. education and socializing events.
  • Design systems that faithfully display art.



Spectrum Engineers designed interior, exterior, office and site lighting for this worship facility and provided the mechanical, electrical and acoustical engineering as well as designing the sound system and building management and control system (BMCS).

Site and interior lighting were designed to control and enhance the appearance of the building, even when it is unoccupied. Great care was taken for each aspect of the lighting system, including extensive detailing of fixtures and components and special attention to mounting fixtures in the ceiling and in acoustical and other materials.

The architect designed a building that used daylight as the dominant lighting source, this reinforced the heavenly orientation of the worship service. We designed a carefully detailed lighting system that supported that feeling during daytime and nighttime worship. We also supported the display of the stained-glass elements for both worshipers and visitors in the neighborhood. Finally, we designed a lighting control system that simplified the lighting, sound and mechanical systems for the 15 services a week.
Joseph M. “Jody” Good, III, LC, IALD, FIES, USITT, LEED AP, Spectrum Engineers

Joseph “Jody” Good III


Fellow Theatre & Lighting Designer

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