Salt Lake City Corporation Streets and Fleets Facility

Salt Lake City Corporation Streets and Fleets Facility

The $24 million Salt Lake City Corporation Streets and Fleets (Public Service Maintenance) Facility comprises two buildings: an 39,500 square-foot office building (the Streets building) and a 26-bay, 67,800 square-foot vehicle maintenance facility (the Fleets building).

The Fleets building includes overhead hose reel exhaust system for the light maintenance shop, a carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon controlled exhaust system for both the light and heavy maintenance areas.



The Fleets facility services all of the City’s vehicles including fire engines and heavy and light maintenance vehicles.

Spectrum also specified sprinklers and clean agent for the facility, including the city’s backup server room, located at the Streets and Fleets site, which is designed to take over functions in the event the main server facility should ever go down.

The Streets & Fleets facility is unique in the fact that it services government owned vehicles. Everything from buses to the Governors car. It is essential to keep these motor vehicles in good shape and we provided a facility to do just that. Stewart Greene, P.E, Spectrum Engineers

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