Consonus Data Center

Consonus Data Center

The Consonus Data Center is a world-class facility featuring state-of-the-art, high-tech electrical engineering design and layout. The centerpiece of this $5.5 million, 30,000-square-foot facility is a 20,000-square-foot raised floor Network Operations Center (NOC) that is highlighted by a super redundant electrical system. This electrical system includes a 3,000-kVA UPS system and a 5.25-megawatt generating plant.

The system is designed to complete dual path redundancy (known at 2xN design), providing 99.9999 percent redundancy. The system is set up for dual power cord equipment, while fast transfer static switches are used for single power cord equipment. The design also includes DC power and the distribution for equipment that requires DC power.


The data center includes an under-floor, water-leak detection system, a complete fire alarm system, and an FM200 fire suppression system. Spectrum Engineers also designed the building’s security system, including card readers, CCTV cameras, and a remote-controlled vehicle access gate. The data center also includes a lightning protection system and ground ring.

The raised floor area meets the latest industry standards for signal reference grounding.

Data centers are very sensitive projects with little room for error. I was honored to be trusted to the company’s future growth with my contribution to this project.Jeffrey DuBois, P.E, F.P.E., Spectrum Engineers

David Wesemann


President & Principal Electrical Engineer

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Jeffrey Dubois


Principal Fire Protection Engineer

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