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Utah State University Manon Caine Russell and Kathryn Caine Wanlass Performance Hall

Logan, Utah
Spectrum Engineers provided acoustically critical designs on this world-class performing arts concert hall. The mechanical, electrical and technology systems designed by Spectrum for this 20,367 sq. ft., $8.5 million facility support a 400-seat auditorium. Mechanical features include Thermal Displacement Ventilation in the lobby and auditorium and in-floor air-diffusers in the auditorium that ensure physical comfort for occupants and efficient operation while delivering air more quietly than traditional systems. Calculated measures ensure superb acoustics. The three air handlers are situated on dense neoprene pads and other moving equipment is isolated on springs. Spectrum isolated and minimized vibrations that may occur in other areas or systems including plumbing and electrical systems. Raceways for electrical systems are isolated for this reason.

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