We are looking for someone with at least two years’ experience in our industry. If you do not have two years minimum experience please apply to our EIT/PEI or intern positions. Our Mechanical Engineers provide only the most exceptional service with consulting, engineering and designing HVAC and Plumbing systems for complex projects for healthcare, military, and higher education. This position primary duties include designing mechanical and plumbing systems for all types of projects including, housing, office, hospitals, and industrial.

A qualified candidate must have:
• Desire to live in Salt Lake City, Utah
2+ years’ experience in Mechanical building design or similar field.

Must be able to:

  • Perform engineering calculations including, heat load calculations, energy modeling, ventilation requirements, duct static, piping head loss, COMcheck, cost estimates, LEED documentation, etc.
  • Size, Select, Specify, & Schedule HVAC equipment, ductwork, hydronic piping, air terminals, plumbing equipment, fixtures, plumbing piping including domestic water, waste, vent, storm drainage, natural gas, compressed air, medical gases, etc.
  • Develop AutoCad/Revit system design and documentation
  • Interact with clients and project team members
  • Complete assigned work on time
  • Work independently and in a team
  • Prepare project deliverables with attention to detail
  • Evolving knowledge of building codes and industry standards
  • Ability to read and understand plans and specifications

How to apply:
Send Resumes to Ariesa Wortelboer



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