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Since its inception, Spectrum’s guiding vision has been to contribute to our clients’ success by offering a spectrum of engineering services.

For more than 30 years, Spectrum Engineers has recruited and developed top design talent in the fields of audio visual, structured cabling, lighting and theater design, security consulting, and acoustical, fire protection, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Furthering our vision of excellence and growth, Spectrum Engineers differentiates itself from other integrated engineering firms in several ways:

Our People. Today, most clients know that they must continually improve their performance. Of necessity, they expect their facilities and infrastructure to contribute to their improved performance. To accomplish improved facilities and infrastructure requires innovative solutions. To deliver these innovative solutions requires “raising the bar” in design and execution. High-performance engineers deliver high-performance results. At Spectrum, we are looking for engineers who graduate in the top of their class from exemplary engineering schools. This demonstrates the capacity to do what it takes.

At Spectrum, we are looking for principals who are recognized leaders in their fields. This demonstrates the passion to be the best. We expect that our engineers’ decision making follow ethical standards that guarantee the client’s interests are preeminent. This demonstrates the character to be the best.

At Spectrum, we are looking for engineers who are passionate about solving problems, driven to excel, willing to accept an environment of total accountability and who “go the extra mile” as a matter of routine.

Focus. Important advances in technology do not wait for the world to catch up. Design professionals who aren’t paying close attention may be using outdated technology and methods. To keep up with technology, Spectrum has long employed focused engineers and designers who are dedicated to following important technological advances in their chosen fields. Because no single person can master all the nuances of a given discipline, Spectrum’s specialization allows unparalleled levels of mastery.

High Performance. Over the past several years we have been nurturing our talent in Centers of Engineering Excellence in Healthcare, Education, Government, Mission Critical, Infrastructure, Houses of Worship, Housing & Hospitality, Office & Retail and Industrial. By narrowing the focus, the engineering leadership in each Center can continually improve best practices, research the client’s evolving needs, and apply research and development resources in creative ways that substantially add value for our clients.





Founded in 1982, Spectrum Engineers is a multi-discipline consulting engineering firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah with additional offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Baltimore, Maryland.  Spectrum has been named as one of the Top 100 Green Design Firms in America in August 2016 by Engineering News-Record.  For 14 consecutive years, Spectrum has been ranked in the top 100 of Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s MEP Giants list (#69 in 2016). We provide client-centered electrical, mechanical, acoustical and fire protection engineering in addition to audio visual, structured cabling, lighting and theatre design and security consulting services throughout the United States and at various locations around the world.

We provide concentrated focus by aligning like-minded individuals into design communities called Centers of Engineering Excellence (CEEs).  Because each CEE member is committed to following the issues, trends and innovations affecting a specific project type, clients receive designs provided by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in designing similar projects. The professionals comprising Spectrum’s CEEs are passionate about the project types upon which they are focused.  This structure helps us ensure clients will benefit from integrated services leading to reduced change orders, and therefore, cost. Spectrum’s organization encourages communication and collaboration among a group of engineers and designers who are accustomed to working alongside one another on specific project types—from government to higher education to healthcare. This fosters free-flow of ideas and information, helping design teams achieve project success. Innovation, advanced yet proven solutions and intuitive functionality are products of our organization.

Although we are organized along project types, we understand that no two projects are ever identical. That is why each CEE member is dedicated to understanding the expectations and goals that an owner has for a project and tailoring design solutions to fit each project. It is this combination of experience, individual attention and passion that sets Spectrum Engineers apart.

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